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Pugly: A Pug’s Life tells the story of Gunner, a two-year-old pug in the care of Pugalug Pug Rescue, a Toronto network led by self-professed “crazy dog lady” Blanche Axton. As Axton prepares Gunner for adoption, we also meet a growing community of squishy-faced dog devotees with big personalities, following their stories of triumph, humour and heartbreak. 

We’re introduced to magazine cover girl Miss Pickles the Pug; Helmut, star of Toronto’s monthly big-city Pug Grumble park meetup; Titus, a physically disabled and half-blind dog who will not give up chasing and barking at speeding trains; and Tawnie, the sassy bitch with the big vet bills. 

Pugly investigates why, despite the head to tail health issues common in flat-nosed breeds, pugs are more popular than ever. And they’re full of surprises. Although they were bred to be loyal, loving lap dogs, not all are lazy couch potatoes. We encounter pugs acting in movies, riding motorcycles, running up the number of followers on their Instagram accounts and raising funds to help rescue more pugs. 

Will Gunner and Tawnie find homes? Will Titus catch his train? Who will be the first to cross the finish line at the legendary Running of the Pugs? And how many will run in an entirely different direction? Blanche calls pugs “the manifestation of joy on four legs.” We just call them Pugly

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directed by
Michael McNamara & Aaron Hancox

written by
Michael McNamara

produced by
Judy Holm
Michael McNamara
Aaron Hancox

Kyle Gregory Sanderson

directors of photography
Kazuyoshi Ehara
Aaron Hancox

original music composed by
Kenny Neal Jr.

production manager
Matt da Silva

production coordinators
David Bertrand
Meron Gaudet

additional camera
Iris Ng
Raj Nandy
sound recordist
Michael McNamara

pug illustrations
Rosena Fung

1st assistant editor
Daniel Haack

research & clearances
Meron Gaudet

production assistant
Tavish Gudgeon

re-recording mixer
Grant Edmonds

audio editor
Mimi Scowen
Patience Bradford

pug foley artist

sfx editor
Marc Chiasson

post production picture by
Rolling Pictures

project manager
Brandon Tobia

digital colourist
Drake Conrad

online editor
Angelica Falco

post production technician
Scott Hannigan

Mark Shyzer, MarkTypes
Duncan Jennings

Nancy Yu

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additional music
Audio Network

Blanche Axton
Jim & Mary Lou Dymond
Tracey and Sean Silverthorn
Sigrid Misseri
Christie Vuong
Erin Maura
Ben Goloff & Sydney Freeston
Amanda Brown
Olive & Haris Holm

for the CBC

general manager, programming
Sally Catto

executive director, unscripted content
Jennifer Dettman

senior director, documentary
Sandra Kleinfeld

director of production
Alexandra Lane

executive in charge of production
Charlotte Engel

director of finance
Julie Lawlor

produced in association with

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

produced by
Markham Street Films Inc.

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