Mohamed Fahmy: Half Free

The now pardoned Canadian-Egyptian journalist Mohamed Fahmy struggles to put his life back together after spending 438 days a Cairo prison.
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Mohamed Fahmy: Half Free


Set against the spectre of growing global terrorism, and in an era of vicious attacks on press freedoms around the world, Mohamed Fahmy: Half Free is a character study of a Canadian-Egyptian journalist who went from covering one of the biggest stories in the world to becoming the story.  It’s every reporter’s nightmare – jailed for pursuing the truth.

Using the best of the rich archival footage and exclusive interviews with some of the world’s most respected journalists who worked alongside Fahmy covering the Arab Spring, the documentary is the definitive saga of how Fahmy clawed his way to freedom and international stardom.

SCENE FROM THE FILM: Inside Egypt's infamous Scorpion prison.

Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker David Paperny spent over a year filming Fahmy around the world and discovered that since his release, Fahmy has become a passionate international advocate for press freedoms. But it’s a fight that takes him squarely back into the danger zone.