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Know I’m Here follows artist Kal Barteski as she organizes a massive art project in the subarctic town of Churchill, Manitoba. Motivated by the closing of the town’s port, the loss of jobs, and effects of climate change, Kal invited 18 artists from around the world to paint murals as a way of helping the community.

But, those goals become tested.

Just days before the art festival, an unexpected crisis strikes. Spring floods wash out the rail line and cut off Churchill’s lifeline to the south. Getting food and supplies becomes a daily challenge. The American company that owns the rail and the Canadian government are in a stand-off. The remote community becomes trapped and more isolated than ever.

As townspeople deal with stresses and look for solutions, Kal and the artists work to create and do what all great art does: offer recognition and reflect a particular moment in time. These massive works of art transform the landscape and bring hope and recognition to a community feeling forgotten.


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featuring from the town of Churchill
Ashley Watts
Belinda Fitzpatrick
Dave Daley
Dennis Compayre
Georgina Oman
Helen Da Silva
Joel Anthony
John Hrominchuk
Mayor Mike Spence
Randy Spence
Rob Knaggs
Tony Da Silva


featuring Seawalls Churchill artists
Aaron Li-Hill
Arlin Graff
Case Maclaim
Charles Johnston
Georgia Hill
Kai Kaulukukui
Kal Barteski
Jason Botkin
Kelsey Eliasson
Mandy Van Leeuwen
Pat Lazo
Pat Perry
Si Omerod
Stormy Angeconeb
Takashi Iwasaki
Tre Packard


Elbert Bakker

Elbert Bakker
Raymond Friesen
Lisanne Pajot


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production manager
Kim Bell

executive producer
Cam Bennett

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Charlotte Engel


Elbert Bakker
Raymond Friesen

Elbert Bakker
Raymond Friesen
Lisanne Pajot

story consultant
Lisanne Pajot

director of photography
Raymond Friesen

2nd unit director
Lisanne Pajot

Raymond Friesen
Camren Friesen
James Swirsky
Reid Valmestad
Elbert Bakker

sound recordist
James Swirsky
Elbert Bakker

Elbert Bakker
Camren Friesen
Raymond Friesen
Reid Valmestad

colour correction
Raymond Friesen

motion graphics
Jessica Libby

still photographer
Elbert Bakker

Matthew Schellenberg

additional music
Christine Fellows
Kathryn Kerr
Nereo Eugenio II
Rob Knaggs

audio master
Camren Friesen

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