Her Last Project

An extraordinary woman dedicates the last months of her life to educating others about dying with dignity and meaning.

Her Last Project is the extraordinary story of Dr. Shelly Sarwal, a physician from Halifax. Diagnosed with the incurable disorder multiple system atrophy, Sarwal chose to receive medical assistance in dying (MAID), legalized in 2016, and become an organ donor.

As the first person in Nova Scotia to undergo this often complicated medical journey, she dedicated the short time she had left to educating health professionals and the general public about being in control of your death and creating a meaningful legacy through organ donation.

Cameras documented the process, from Sarwal meeting with doctors and having her organs assessed to celebrating her life with loved ones. After saying goodbye to her closest friends with toast and tea, she died peacefully, with her husband at her side. Sarwal’s organ donation saved three lives, and she donated her brain to research.

It was Sarwal’ wish to share her experience as a way to educate the public and the medical community about organ and tissue donation after MAID.

Her Last Project is directed by Rosvita Dransfeld and produced by Canadian Blood Services in partnership with the Nova Scotia Health Authority and the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre.