Episode available within Canada only.

Bee Nation is a heart-warming and inspiring film. It is set within the framework of the first-ever First Nations Provincial Spelling Bee in Canada. Out on the breathy landscapes of Saskatchewan Reserves, meet students, parents, and teachers in the weeks leading up to the spelling bee.

Go ice fishing on a school outing, revel in a dance at a powwow, see best friends study together and hover in the excitement as the day draws nearer. See the hardships the children face and feel the love and support that exists within their family homes. Witness the intimacy of family life on the reserve set against a backdrop of vast and beautiful landscapes. Spend time with the children as they compete, cheer for them and watch them succeed. The future of our children is common ground that everyone can agree is paramount to a better world.

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Updates on the children featured in Bee Nation.

William is 10 years old and has started grade 5 at Chief Kahkewistahaw Community School. He passed grade 4 with flying colors and received the highest academic award for his class. He also participated at the Ethan Bear Hockey Camp this summer. Ethan Bear played WHL for the Seattle Thunderbirds and is a future Edmonton Oilers prospect so William was very excited to participate! William and his family have been on the Powwow trail all summer, dancing most weekends. At the age of 10, William is already a champion dancer! In October William will be returning to play hockey with his usual hockey team, the Grenfell Spitfires.

SCENE FROM THE FILM: "I'm a good student" Makayla has the determination to achieve.

Makayla is 13 years old and has started grade 7 this year at Chief Taylor Elementary School at Onion Lake First Nation Reserve, SK. She is excited to compete at the First Nations Provincial Spelling Bee for the third time in a row. Makayla has won the spelling bee twice in the last two years and qualified for the National Championships in Toronto both years!

Josie has started grade 10 at Sesewahum School at Big River First Nation Reserve in Saskatchewan. This summer Josie competed at the First Nation Summer Games in Regina and her team came 3rd in soccer! She also spent time with family in Saskatoon over the holidays. Josie continues to love drawing and reading though is not a fan of math!

Alexander has begun Grade 9 at John Paul Collegiate in North Battleford this year. He spent the summer with his family and also did many outdoor activities like rock climbing, archery and zip lining! He went to Blue Mountain Camp too. In the fall, Alexander will be playing football and also doing cadets. He also participated at First Nations Summer Games  in Regina this year.