Coming Saturday August 15 Her Last Project An extraordinary woman dedicates the last months of her life to educating others about dying with dignity and meaning. More »
Coming Saturday August 8 Company Town When GM announces it’s closing shop in Oshawa, Ont., an embattled union and its disillusioned workers face the fight of their lives. More »
Coming Saturday July 18 #BLESSED Go inside a fast-growing church where ‘Pastor Sam’ spreads his message of 21st-century salvation to hip, millennial churchgoers as they work their way closer to God More »
Available on CBC Gem Above the Law Calgary residents say police brutality tore their lives apart — and the justice system has failed to hold officers accountable More »
Available on CBC Gem Cottagers & Indians James Whetung is reclaiming his Indigenous right to cultivate wild rice on Ontario’s Pigeon Lake, but local homeowners are furious about large-scale changes in the waterways — so there’s going to be a dust-up. More »
Available on CBC Gem Birth of a Family Three sisters and a brother, removed from their young Dene mother's care as part of Canada's infamous Sixties Scoop and adopted as infants into separate families across North America, meet together for the first time. More »
Available on CBC Gem The Internet of Everything A nerdy dad’s globetrotting exploration of the unintended consequences and absurdities of an increasingly internet-connected world More »
Available on CBC Gem Margaret Atwood: Encounters A look at the private Margaret Atwood. Meet the woman behind the stories More »
Available on CBC Gem The Art of Downsizing Three unforgettable seniors who set out to downsize their homes must learn to let go before they can move on. More »
Available on CBC Gem The Mill Indigenous and non-Indigenous fishers say ‘No Pipe’; the pulp mill says ‘No Pipe, No Mill.’ Now, a 50-year environmental controversy has come to a boiling point in Pictou County, N.S. More »
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