Saturday October 24 The Year of the Goat Five dairy goat breeder families juggle their farms, work and an intensive show season while caring for all of their two — and four-legged — kids. More »
Available on CBC Gem The Killing of Phillip Boudreau The story of a death that tore apart the Nova Scotia community of Isle Madame, a postcard-perfect collection of Acadian fishing villages off the coast of Cape Breton Island. More »
Available on CBC Gem Her Last Project An extraordinary woman dedicates the last months of her life to educating others about dying with dignity and meaning. More »
Available on CBC Gem Company Town When GM announces it’s closing shop in Oshawa, Ont., an embattled union and its disillusioned workers face the fight of their lives. More »
Aired Thursday Oct 8 There’s No Place Like This Place, Anyplace The beloved and iconic Toronto landmark, Honest Ed’s, is sold to make way for development and an uncertain future. More »
Available on CBC Gem Rare Bird Alert Take a journey across North America with a punk rock birdwatcher who explores how the climate crisis is affecting birds, from the viewpoint of birders. More »
Available on CBC Gem The World’s Biggest Family A man with 600 half-siblings takes a hard look at the hidden costs of sperm donor anonymity. More »
Available on CBC Gem Catwalk: Tales From The Cat Show Circuit It's Best in Show with whiskers. Meet the felines and fans of the highly competitive cat show circuit in Catwalk. More »
Available on CBC Gem #BLESSED Go inside a fast-growing church where ‘Pastor Sam’ spreads his message of 21st-century salvation to hip, millennial churchgoers as they work their way closer to God More »
Available on CBC Gem Above the Law Calgary residents say police brutality tore their lives apart — and the justice system has failed to hold officers accountable More »
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