• David Slaney

    David Slaney

    [ Allan Hawco ] David Slaney is a good man. His life was ruined when he trusted the wrong man – he lost the love of his life, his best friend, and his freedom.
  • Roy Patterson

    Roy Patterson

    [ Paul Gross ] Once a revered undercover star of the RCMP, Patterson traded accolades and promotions for life behind a desk with the birth of his child.
  • Brian Hearn

    Brian Hearn

    [ Eric Johnson ] Since abandoning his friend David Slaney years ago, Hearn fled Canada and built a major drug network supplying cities across North America.
  • Kate Williams

    Kate Williams

    [ Enuka Okuma ] Kate Williams is on a mission. Despite scoring near the top of her class and acing every deployment to which she’s been assigned, Kate isn’t taken seriously.
  • Ada


    [ Tori Anderson ] Ada is a force of nature. She’s a whip-smart, magnetic free-spirit with a finely-tuned bullshit detector. She thrives as a con-artist moving from mark to mark.