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Prime Minister Jean Chretien and U.S. President George W. Bush.
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Relations between Canada and the U.S. are decidedly chilly these days. The Iraq war, trade disputes, name-calling, bickering at the border: are we at a turning point? Or are the two countries more entwined than ever? What does it mean to you? Here's an indepth look at the past and possible future of our love-hate relationship.

Web features
My Americans: CBC News Online columnist Martin O'Malley writes about his special bond with the U.S. and some of its citizens.
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Cartoons: Editorial cartoonists comment on Canada - U.S. relations.
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Deep freeze: Carleton University Associate professor Chris Waddell examines the impact of chilly relations.
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Military moves: How entwined should Canada's forces be with the U.S.?
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A bump in the road: The ups and downs of Canada-U.S. trade.
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Canada and the U.S. after 9/11: What has changed between the two countries.
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Prime ministers and presidents: A look at relationships between leaders throughout history.
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The Canada-U.S. saga: Historical timeline.
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Cross border crackdown: Security measures since September 11.
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Life, North American style: An expatriate panel shares its insights.
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Video & Audio
Embedded Canadians: CBC Radio's The Current convenes a panel of prominent Canadians living in the U.S.A.: Pamela Wallin, Canada's Consul General in New York City and former long-time CBC broadcaster; David Frum, former Bush speech writer and author of "The Right Man", living in Washington DC; Comedian and writer Mike McDonald lives in Los Angeles.
This half hour program segment also begins and ends with the comedy skit "George W's West Wing".
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Canadian 'Identity Crisis': CBC Radio's The Current sends Canada to the doctor for some psychological analysis. Also in this half hour segment:
  • reporter Curt Petrovich talks to Canadians living in California
  • American comedienne Janeane Garofalo explains why she's a practising Canadophile
  • "George W's West Wing" concludes
»Real audio runs 27:26

Bilateral Relations after Iraq: CBC Television's CBC News Morning features opinions and insight from Canadians and Americans on both sides of the border.

Life with Bush: U.S. Presidential historian Gil Troy looks at the Bush family and Canada's relationship with them after the Iraq War.
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Ken Taylor was Canada's ambassador to Iran when that country rose up against the U.S. supported Shah.
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Michael Budman, co-founder of "Roots" clothing, says Canada's business relationship with the U.S. will change because of the Iraq war, and he worries about sales of his identifiably-Canadian merchandise.
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Mitra Manesh, corporate consultant, says Canada's position over the Iraq war will have no lasting business effect in the U.S., and has had a positive effect in re-establishing Canada's identity as an independent nation of principle.
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Sandy Castonguay, arts producer, says Canada's position over the Iraq war has created a state of 'nouveau nationalism', but in the short term may have inspired anti-American vandalism.
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Prior Smith, host of Canada Calling, says that in the U.S., Canada's politics rarely make the news. He believes the Snowbird industry will bounce back as relations return to normal.
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Sandra Gotlieb, says Canadians may have underestimated how much the September 11 attacks affected the American psyche. We should head toward a more open border.
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CBC Archives
The Auto Pact:
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Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement:
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The 1991 Gulf War:
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The Korean War
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Draft Dodgers
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September 11
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The Moon Landing
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From our expatriate panel:

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Christopher Waddell:
"The first the two countries' ambassadors in Ottawa and Washington heard about Canada's plans (not to participate in the Iraq war) was when the prime minister announced it in the House of Commons. That's hardly the way to treat your friends and the frustration showed."
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Continental Divide J Chretien on his next-door-neighbour G.W. Bush on being a good neighbor
Click a national leader for his 'State of the Neighbourhood' speech

The Current takes an engaging and enlightening look at our real – and imagined – relationship with the United States, May 5, 2003.

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