You don’t have to be an art critic to have a valid opinion about art. Whether you consider yourself an expert or don’t even like art, whatever you think of a picture when you look at it is a valid opinion — no matter how much people might disagree.

Canada In The Frame lets ordinary people take the place of art critics as they speak candidly about what they think of various works of art in our specially created pop up gallery.

Sometimes they know they're being filmed, sometimes they're filmed with hidden cameras and other times a host talks to them about what they think — it’s all about getting them to engage with the art works and give their genuine opinions on the pieces they're looking at. And occasionally we spring some surprises on them that might help them understand the work of art a bit more — but does that change their opinion, or not?

Fun with Pics

Some of the funniest reactions to "Abby and Snow" by Janet Werner.

Watch The Crotch

Gallery visitors have a difference of opinion over just how to interpret "Standoff" by T. Athay.

Scary Snowman

Another look at Janet Werner's "Abby and Snow," this time focusing on the spooky figure in the background of the painting.

Is This Art?

Hidden cameras capture gallery visitors' response to the eternal question: Is This Art?

Taxis and Spies

Hidden cameras capture what gallery visitors really think about "Cannon Fodder" by Victor Ostrovsky.

Sweet Surprise

Unfiltered commentary from Canadian gallery goers about "Northern Lights" by Colin Griffith.

Love and Hate

How do you feel about "Marry Me" by Danielle DuBois? Some gallery goers loved it, and some hated it!

Wet and Headless

Hidden cameras capture what gallery visitors really think about "Just Then She Had a Thought" by Vicki Smith.

Big Blue Monster

See what happens when gallery goers are confronted by a big friendly monster when considering "Wind Play" by Meryl McMaster.

Old Art and New Art

Hidden cameras capture what gallery visitors really think about "Wind Play" by Meryl McMaster, "Northern Lights" by Colin Griffith and "Kiyomi" by Harv Glazer.

When Art Pops

Gallery goers say what really think about three works: "Kiyomi" by Harv Glazer, "Lake Superior" by Lawren Harris and "Marry Me" by Danielle DuBois.

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