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Grand Manan voters question PC promise
A Progressive Conservative promise to offer a free ferry to Grand Manan is stoking fears on the Bay of Fundy island that it could paralyze the service.
Point Lepreau delay could jeopardize PC promise
The $1.4-billion Point Lepreau nuclear refurbishment project is facing another major delay as officials consider removing 380 brand new calandria tubes from the reactor, CBC News has learned.
Liberals, PCs ignore N.B. debt crisis: expert VideoAudio
The Liberals and Progressive Conservatives are evading New Brunswick's staggering debt and deficit issue, focusing instead on unrealistic campaign promises, says a public administration expert.
Saint John YMCA site reveal creates controversy
The proposed location for a new YMCA-YWCA was revealed today in Saint John, but the announcement has already created some political controversy.
Liberals, PCs offer voters new promises
The Liberals and Progressive Conservatives have made new promises as the Sept. 27 provincial election nears.
PCs won't give more details on spending: Alward
New Brunswick's Progressive Conservative campaign platform lists spending increases and tax cuts, but the party says it won't give a breakdown of what its promises will cost.
Grits, PCs target key Saint John ridings
With less than a week before the election, Liberal leader Shawn Graham and PC leader David Alward are both spending a lot of time courting Saint John voters.
Cancel N.B. income tax cuts: economist
The next New Brunswick government should cancel planned personal income tax cuts to help erase the province's $749-million budget deficit, according to a taxation expert.
PC candidate asked to quit Riverview council
A Riverview town councillor is being asked to resign her seat over her decision to run in the provincial election in a different community.
Majority backs N.B. municipal reform: poll
Progressive Conservative Leader David Alward is being criticized for opening the door to municipal reform but a CBC poll suggests most New Brunswickers would support a local government overhaul.
NDP platform focuses on fiscal responsibility
NDP Leader Roger Duguay is appealing to middle-class voters and warning them about the lavish spending promises made by his two chief rivals with the Sept. 27 election a week away.
Indecision reigns as N.B. vote nears: poll
Nearly half of New Brunswick voters say they're still uncertain which party to support in the Sept. 27 provincial election, the largest poll conducted to date suggests.
4 mayors blast Alward over municipal reform
Four Saint John area mayors are criticizing Progressive Conservative Leader David Alward's comments that he's willing to revisit a contentious report on local governance reform.
N.B. voters concerned by debt, deficit levels
New Brunswick voters are very concerned about the debt and the deficit levels being accumulated by the provincial government but they don't want to sacrifice services to help pay it off, according to a new Corporate Research Associates poll.
NB Power reform could drop costs: expert
NB Power's decades-long policy of subsidizing large industrial customers must come under scrutiny in a debate over the province's energy future, according to a former energy regulatory official.
Cutting smoking an NDP priority
New Democratic MLAs will champion the creation of a comprehensive tobacco control strategy for New Brunswick, NDP Leader Roger Duguay says.
Tories have no job plan: Graham
New Brunswick Liberal Leader Shawn Graham bashed his Tory rival Saturday over his "lack of a plan" to create jobs in the province.
N.B. advance polls busy
Voters across New Brunswick turned out Saturday at advance polls for the provincial election.
N.B.'s adult literacy levels demand action
New Brunswick's low adult literacy rate is a "silent problem" that must be addressed by the next provincial government, says a literacy advocate.
N.B. city mayors upset over PC property tax plan
New Brunswick's city mayors warn Progressive Conservative Leader David Alward that they don't like his property tax plans.
Rural N.B. hospitals too costly: doctors
New Brunswick has too many small hospitals and the health-care system will be bankrupt in 15 years if politicians do not stop wasteful inefficiency, say two Moncton doctors.
BLOG: Alward juggles frontrunner's role
On Thursday, David Alward stepped out of a closed-door meeting with the mayors of the province's cities and, for the first time, looked like the front-runner in the election.
Alward open to local government reform
New Brunswick's local governance landscape may be given a shake up under a Progressive Conservative government, David Alward said on Thursday.
Special care homes need more funding: associations
The Anglophone and Francophone Special Care Home Associations in New Brunswick have banded together to press the province for help to deal with rising costs.
N.B. media ownership must be capped: Greens
New Brunswick should set a cap on media ownership and reform how it elects its politicians as a way to improve democracy, according to Green Party Leader Jack MacDougall.
N.B. requires less local rule: Finn
New Brunswick must slash the number of local governments to roughly 55 and consolidate services or risk jeopardizing the province's future development, according to the former commissioner on local governance.
PC tax promises criticized as too costly
The Progressive Conservative party's tax promises came under scrutiny on Wednesday as both the Liberals and NDP allege the commitments cost more than David Alward admits.
N.B. leaders' debates provide no clear winner VideoAudio
New Brunswick's two televised leaders' debates on Tuesday offered no clear winners, according two political scientists.
N.B. MLA pensions need review: taxpayers group
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is calling for a review of the province's MLA pension plan after a study that shows taxpayers are greatly subsidizing the program.
N.B. faces shortage in long-term care facilities
New Brunswick needs a comprehensive plan to tackle a crisis in the availability of beds in long-term care facilities, according to the province's doctors.
Graham closest to landing 'winner' in debate: prof Video
Watching Tuesday night's English-language leaders' debate, I was reminded of something the great American historian Howard Zinn once said: "If God had intended us to vote, He would have given us candidates.
Duguay put NDP 'back on the map' in debate: prof Video
Electoral debates can be a decisive moment in a campaign when you realize that something is happening.
N.B. leaders spar in 1st election debates Video
New Brunswick's two main political leaders came under an intense attack from NDP Leader Roger Duguay during the first televised leaders' debates over their spending promises and increased MLA pensions.
WATCH: Signs of co-operation among N.B. parties
Political parties in the riding of Charlotte-Campobello are helping each other fix lawn signs during the campaign
Autism services needed for N.B. adults
New Brunswick must start injecting new funds into developing autism services for adolescents and adults, according to a University of New Brunswick expert.
Graham platform promises job creation
New Brunswick's premier says if he's re-elected, he'll focus on job creation that will improve health care, education and services to seniors.
Broadcast of N.B. leaders debate underway
The leaders of New Brunswick's five main political parties took part in their first organized debate of the election campaign Tuesday.
N.B. PC platform shy on financial details
New Brunswick Progressive Conservatives release their election platform in Riverview — without tallying the cost of their long list of promises.
Oil, gas royalties to cut N.B. debt: Graham
The New Brunswick Liberals are pledging to direct all future oil and gas royalty revenues against the province's growing debt.
Science hurt by N.B. budget cuts: expert
New Brunswick voters should put pressure on the five political parties to explain how they will safeguard the environment in tough economic times, according to a science expert.
Ban union, corporate political donations: NDP
The NDP proposes to prohibit corporations and unions from donating to political parties in New Brunswick.
Graham promises alternative forestry jobs
New Brunswick Liberal Leader Shawn Graham says a Liberal government would try to create new jobs in Upper Miramichi based on forest products other than trees.
NDP would change poverty reduction plan
NDP Leader Roger Duguay says his party would improve New Brunswick's poverty reduction plan by cutting red tape and eliminating duplication.
N.B.'s jobless rate hits 9.6% Audio
New Brunswick's unemployment rate edged up close to the 10-per-cent mark in July offering Liberal Leader Shawn Graham some dour economic news with less than three weeks left in the election campaign.
PCs offer N.B. seniors property assessment freeze
Progressive Conservative Leader David Alward is reaching out to seniors by promising anyone over 65 that he will freeze their property tax assessments permanently.
BLOG: Parties failing to heed Savoie's advice
New Brunswick's main political leaders have not heeded Donald Savoie's advice as they've crafted their electoral platforms.
New N.B. forestry policy vital: professor VideoAudio
New Brunswick can no longer rely on the forest sector for jobs, a UNB forestry expert says.
LISTEN: Spin Reduxit analyzes the N.B. election
The Spin Reduxit team analyzes the second week of the N.B. election campaign.
Graham attacks PC leader over campaign promises Audio
Liberal Leader Shawn Graham took direct aim at Tory Leader David Alward on Thursday accusing his chief rival of hiding his real agenda.
WATCH: Elections N.B. opens voting booths early
Elections New Brunswick is doing its part to make it more convenient to vote than ever before. Already, 4,000 voters have cast a ballot in the upcoming election.
French N.B. MLA fought ticket for not being in English Audio
Former Progressive Conservative cabinet minister Paul Robichaud tried to avoid paying a speeding ticket by arguing that the RCMP officer who gave it to him did not offer him service in English.
New rules urged for N.B. hydro-fracking mining Audio
New Brunswick should issue an immediate moratorium on the new mining practice of hydro-fracking until more research into potential risks is completed, says an environmental policy expert.
Grits, PCs pushing N.B. over debt cliff: NDP Video
The NDP is unveiling its television ads that are accusing the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives of pushing New Brunswick over the debt cliff.
PCs plan 4-year tuition schedules for students
Universities and colleges should give students a four-year plan of tuition costs so they can plan for their higher education, Progressive Conservative Leader David Alward announced on Thursday.
Valcourt's sister hopes to tap ex-MP's popularity
Progressive Conservatives in northwestern New Brunswick are hoping to capitalize on the long-standing popularity of Tory stalwart Bernard Valcourt in the provincial election campaign.
Distracted driving law needed in N.B.: Graham
New Brunswick needs a comprehensive law that would crack down on driver distractions, according to Liberal Leader Shawn Graham.
Twitter takes down N.B. Tories parody account
Twitter has taken down an account run by the New Brunswick Progressive Conservative Party because it represented itself as a Liberal account.
N.B. Greens unveil election platform
New Brunswick's Green Party released its election platform on Wednesday, saying it would increase corporate taxes if it were to form the next government.
Tax credits would replace business loans: NDP
The New Democratic Party would scrap economic development loans from Business New Brunswick with a new jobs tax credit, according to the party's finance critic.
N.B. Tories promise catastrophic drug plan
New Brunswick's Progressive Conservative Party promised Wednesday to cover the cost of catastrophic drugs for people without insurance coverage.
Alward plans forestry summit
The Progressive Conservatives are promising more stakeholder meetings to develop a forestry policy, David Alward announced on Wednesday.
N.B.'s urban growth poses political problems VideoAudio
Growing urbanization in New Brunswick and the infighting among its three largest cites may be the biggest policy obstacle for the next government, according to an urban researcher.
Childcare spaces would be boosted: Graham
Liberal Leader Shawn Graham is promising to create 7,000 more childcare spaces and put a new focus on infant and pre-school care in the next four years.
Alward finds business booming in Carleton
Progressive Conservative Leader David Alward made a series of campaign stops in Carleton County on Tuesday, hearing positive words about the economy from local businesses.
Women set record in N.B. nominations Video
Nominations for New Brunswick's Sept. 27 election closed Tuesday with 166 men and a record 71 women running for office across the province.
Gender balance demands N.B. electoral reform Video
New Brunswick must overhaul its electoral process in order to boost the number of women in the legislative assembly, says a University of New Brunswick professor.
Graham plans new prescription drug plan
The Liberals are promising to fund a universal prescription drug program, including paying for catastrophic drug costs, Shawn Graham announced on Tuesday.
N.B. Grits propose First Nations language classes Video
The New Brunswick Liberals are proposing that Maliseet and Mi'kmaq languages be taught in the school system.
New N.B. parties battle in Charlotte-Campobello
The scenic seaside riding of Charlotte-Campobello known as a tourist hotspot may become the site of a hotly contested races in the Sept. 27 election.
N.B. parties pitch election promises on Labour Day
New Brunswick's three main political parties crisscrossed New Brunswick on Labour Day, trumpeting a raft of new policy ideas.
Scrap fixed election date law: N.B. expert
A political scientist says New Brunswick's experiment with a fixed election date has been a failure and should be scrapped.
N.B. private sector needs pay equity law: NDP
New Brunswick's New Democratic Party is demanding pay equity legislation covering the private sector, Leader Roger Duguay announced on Monday.
Liberals plan help for businesses, mining firms
The Liberal Party is promising a series of initiatives designed to save small businesses money on their power bills and to spur on new activity in the province's mining industry.
Graham promises new N.B. holiday
New Brunswick's Liberal Party is promising a February statutory holiday if elected Sept. 27.
N.B. Liberals, PCs pledge arts support
The campaigning Liberals and Progressive Conservatives made duelling arts announcements Sunday, with PC Leader David Alward's failure to name any Acadian artist reverberating through both.
Greens get top marks from activists
Environmental activists give top marks to the Green Party in the New Brunswick election campaign.
First Nations languages need protection: prof. Audio
First Nations languages are on the verge of extinction unless future governments help children learn their traditional languages, says an expert.
N.B. small business taxes would fall: Alward
New Brunswick's small businesses will be in line for a tax cut if the Progressive Conservatives are elected in the Sept. 27 election, David Alward announced on Friday.
Grits, PCs must 'come clean on cuts:' NDP
The New Democratic Party is continuing its ongoing attack on the Progressive Conservatives and Liberals over the pricetag of the long list of campaign promises.
Voting stations arrive on N.B. campuses
Elections New Brunswick is setting up satellite voting stations on university campuses across the province to increase the number of young voters.
Alward blanks on Acadian culture Audio
The leader of the Progressive Conservatives was stumped when asked to name his favourite Acadian artist Thursday.
Language law will have public debate: N.B. Grits Audio
The Liberals are promising a full public consultation when New Brunswick's Official Languages Act is up for review in 2012, according to a party official.
People's Alliance kicks off campaign
The People's Alliance of New Brunswick launches its first-ever election campaign.
New officer could cut $75M in spending: NDP
New Brunswick needs a government efficiency officer to eliminate duplication and waste inside the provincial government, according to NDP Leader Roger Duguay.
Mental health reforms being ignored: N.B. expert
A long-time New Brunswick mental health activist is worried that the province's next government will forgo its obligations to the mentally ill.
Air ambulance needed in Charlo: Liberals
New Brunswick's Liberals are committing to locate an air ambulance service at the Charlo airport on the north shore.
Graham criticized for MRI promise in Miramichi
Liberal Leader Shawn Graham's announcement that Miramichi will be getting its long sought-after MRI unit is garnering criticism for how it was revealed on Wednesday.
Artists deserve more cultural funding: Richards VideoAudio
New Brunswick is jeopardizing its ability to tell its own stories by denying its young artists access to more funding, according to one of the province's best-known authors.
New Canadians set to vote
A group of new Canadians will get a chance to exercise their new rights in the upcoming New Brunswick election.
Graham promises 1,000 Miramichi jobs
Liberal Leader Shawn Graham has pledged that 1,000 of the 20,000 new jobs his party has promised will be in Miramichi if the Grits are elected Sept. 27.
NDP will cut 'March madness' spending Video
New Brunswick's NDP is vowing to save $210 million by curtailing the so-called annual "March madness" when departments burn through any money left in their budgets.
PCs plan to cap N.B. property assessments hikes
New Brunswick homeowners will see their property tax assessment increases capped at three per cent for the next two years if the Progressive Conservatives are elected on Sept. 27.
NDP plans hike on forestry stumpage fees Audio
The NDP is promising to hike stumpage fees to log on Crown land and to offer woodlot owners a multi-year silviculture funding package.
Man charged for uttering threats at Liberal office
One man is facing charges of uttering threats after an incident at Liberal candidate T.J. Burke's campaign office in Fredericton.
Liberals promise computers for N.B. students Video
The Liberals are committing to hand out personal computers to middle- and high-school students as a party of a new digital learning strategy, Liberal Leader Shawn Graham announced on Tuesday.
N.B. must revive rural communities, expert says Audio
Rural communities are at risk of being pushed farther to the periphery of New Brunswick society unless the next government adopts policies to support them, says an expert on rural areas.
Health reform sparks N.B. election debate Video
Liberal Leader Shawn Graham is prescribing more doctors, nurse practitioners and community health centres to fix the province's health system.
Graham dodges N.B. spending cut debate Audio
Liberal Leader Shawn Graham is avoiding offering any specifics about what government services he'd cut in a second mandate in order to curtail the province's deficit.
Keir faces tough re-election battle Audio
Jack Keir would have difficulty holding the traditionally Tory riding of Fundy-River Valley in any election, but now the Liberal cabinet minister is battling a Hydro-Québec hangover as well as economic anxiety.
Liberals, PCs spar on N.B. job creation Video
The Liberals are also promising to overhaul the province's economic development department as it tries to lure 20,000 new jobs in a second mandate.
Childhood development slowed by N.B. bureaucracy VideoAudio
The New Brunswick government must tear down bureaucratic barriers or risk failing the next generation of citizens, according to the president of St. Thomas University.
NDP would halt "reckless" N.B. tax cuts
The New Democratic Party would halt all planned tax cuts in an effort to avoid future cuts to social services.
Liberals cry foul over PC-run website
The Liberals are demanding the Progressive Conservatives remove a satirical website, alleging that it is misleading.
Alward promises upping N.B. childcare spots VideoAudio
The Progressive Conservatives are promising thousands of new childcare spaces across the province if elected in next month's election.
General Electric has 'unfair advantage' in N.B.
A Fredericton entrepreneur says there's too much secrecy surrounding how hospitals buy diagnostic equipment and believes General Electric has an unfair advantage.
Vote video targets N.B. youth
A Moncton lawyer hopes a video he and some partners put together will encourage youth to vote in the Sept. 27 New Brunswick election.
Graham promises to support local growers
Liberal Leader Shawn Graham says his party will support local food growers if elected Sept. 27.
Alward promises money for teachers
Progressive Conservative Leader David Alward promises New Brunswick school teachers $250 a year for classroom supplies if he becomes premier Sept. 27.
PCs would halt tax cuts for N.B. business, rich Audio
The Progressive Conservatives would cancel planned tax cuts to corporations and high-income earners in an effort to balance the New Brunswick budget in four years, Tory Leader David Alward says.
BLOG: Tory tax proposals spark debate, mystery
Progressive Conservative Leader David Alward may be behind in the polls but he isn't shying away from proposing contentious policy options.
PCs vow new corporation for job attraction
N.B. Progressive Conservative leader David Alward is promising that if his party is elected Sept. 27 he will create a new Crown corporation focused on attracting companies to invest in the province.
Outside audit launched into alleged Robichaud pay
Elections New Brunswick is calling in an independent forensic investigator to probe the allegations that former Liberal premier Louis J. Robichaud's widow was paid to campaign for the Liberals in 2006.
Petitcodiac River clean up will continue: Graham
Liberal Leader Shawn Graham used the backdrop of Moncton's Petitcodiac River to vow on Friday the mud-choked river would be restored.
Health costs threaten N.B. solvency: ex-minister VideoAudio
New Brunswick must begin arresting the dramatic growth in health-care spending or the province may risk becoming insolvent, says a former health minister.
Elections N.B. checks 3 sign complaints Video
Elections New Brunswick is investigating three separate complaints that some politicians had their campaign signs up too early.
BLOG: Polls shape early campaign narrative
As the old political cliché goes, polls are just a snapshot in time. But an increasingly poll-hungry media world, the ebb and flow of public opinion often shapes a campaign's narrative.
Liberals open small lead as N.B. election starts Video
The Liberals have taken a slight lead in public opinion as the 32-day election campaign started on Thursday, according to Corporate Research Associates.
Economic 'hangover' after N.B. vote: expert VideoAudio
The next New Brunswick government will likely have to slash services and raise taxes to avoid an economic crisis, no matter which party wins the Sept. 27 election, according to a public administration expert.
Party leaders launch N.B. election bids VideoAudio
New Brunswick's election campaign started just after midnight and leaders of the province's five political parties are fanning out across the province on Thursday in what is expected to be a hard-fought 32-day race.
Alward promises energy commission
Progressive Conservative Leader David Alward is again promising to appoint an energy commission to map the province's energy strategy for the next decade if he wins the Sept. 27 election.
5 ridings to watch in the N.B. campaign
Close public opinion polls, two upstart parties and new political faces could create a handful of gripping storylines that could decide the Sept. 27 election.
Tories held edge in close 2006 election races
There are always a handful of races that are decided by a small number of votes and in a close election each of those ridings could be the difference in what party forms a government and how stable it will be in the next mandate.
Revisiting N.B.'s 2006 election landslides
Electoral landslides are an inevitable part of every campaign as huge numbers of voters line up behind one candidate, whether because of a strong local personality or a historic allegiance to a party.
N.B. auditor to investigate alleged Robichaud pay
New Brunswick auditor general Mike Ferguson will look into allegations the widow of former premier Louis Robichaud was paid to campaign for the Liberals during the 2006 provincial election.
PCs promise 3-year NB Power rate freeze
Progressive Conservative Leader David Alward promises a three-year power rate freeze if his party wins the Sept. 27 New Brunswick election.
BLOG: Tories deliver buzz, forget financial details
PC Leader David Alward gets the award for delivering the first campaign announcement that has actually generated buzz. The Tories say they will freeze NB Power rates for three years if they are elected on Sept. 27.
PCs will reveal deficit elimination plan
Progressive Conservative Leader David Alward is promising to deliver a plan this week to tackle the province's growing debt.
N.B. language law reform needed, groups say
The next New Brunswick government must consult the public on reforms to the Official Languages Act after the Sept. 27 election, according to legal and Acadian groups.
Liberals, PCs ignoring N.B. debt: professor
New Brunswick's two main political parties are avoiding talking about the province's growing debt, which should be one of the main issues in the Sept. 27 election, according to a political scientist.
Liberals announce projects ahead of election
Shawn Graham's Liberal government is pouring money into public projects with about a week to go before the election campaigning begins.
Don't trust election tax promises: group
A citizen's group is warning New Brunswickers that whatever tax cuts are promised during the upcoming election campaign, it will likely cost taxpayers more.
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