G20 Street Level: A look back

Police encircle and detain a crowd of protesters during the G20 summit in Toronto, on Sunday June 27, 2010. (Chris Young/Canadian Press)

By Kim Fox, CBC News

fim-fox-52.jpgAs police erected barriers, world leaders descended on Toronto, and protesters prepared to capture headlines, CBC News Your Voice assembled a team of citizen bloggers and CBC journalists to bring Canadians a street level view of what was happening in Toronto during the global conference.
From the moment the fences went up in the downtown core, to the tensions throughout the weekend and the subsequent cleanup and questions asked following the summit, CBCNews.ca G20 Street Level was the definitive source for in-depth, real-time coverage of the impact the summit had on the City of Toronto.
CBC journalists, residents who lived inside the security perimeter, business owners whose stores were shuttered, local bloggers and students eager to share their perspectives joined the G20 Street Level team filing over 200 entries through blog posts, Twitter, photos and video - some also appeared on the CBC News Network - to bring Canadians an industry-leading, 360-degree view of the events happening that weekend.
Through our live blogging we provided a running journalistic commentary of the latest developments while pulling in comments from the audience, who clearly felt a need to communicate with others during the uncertain 48 hours of the summit weekend. 
What made CBC G20 Street Level so unique was that it was the first time that CBC News had leveraged citizen contributions and user generated content in such a sweeping way.

Take a look through the blog to get a sense of the event that for two days captured the attention of the country.