G20: Highlights from our reporters

Reporters sit next to the fake lake at the G20 media centre in Toronto. (Paul Chiasson/Canadian Press)

Leading up to and during the G20 summit in Toronto, CBC News' Street Level blog brought readers extensive reports from around the city. Our team of citizen bloggers and CBC reporters served as tireless feet on the street, keeping readers aware of the news as it happened.

Here are a few highlights from our reporters:

sbarton-rosemary-52.jpgRosemary Barton
Reporting from the fake lake

deanbradley.jpgDean Bradley
Boarded up Toronto

lianne-elliott-52.jpgLianne Elliott
Experience Canada

natashafatah.jpgNatasha Fatah
Police state? Matter of perspective

fim-fox-52.jpgKim Fox
Standoff at John and Wellington

amber-hilderbrandt-52.jpgAmber Hildebrandt
Eating through the G20

jennifer-hollett-52.jpgJennifer Hollett
Super role models

althea-manasan-52.jpgAlthea Manasan
How is your business being affected?

omalley-kady-52.jpgKady O'Malley
Liveblog: Day 2

pras-52.jpgPras Rajagopalan
Police surveillance

wall-kerry-52.jpgKerry Wall
The weekend in pictures