G20: Highlights from our citizen bloggers

A man stands in front of the security fence outside Union Station in Toronto on Monday, June 28 as city life returns to normal following the weekend's G20 demonstrations. (Chris Young/Canadian Press)

Leading up to and during the G20 summit in Toronto, CBC News' Street Level blog brought readers extensive reports from around the city. Our team of citizen bloggers and CBC reporters served as tireless feet on the street, keeping readers aware of the news as it happened.

Here are a few highlights from our citizen bloggers:

daleboyer52.jpgDale Boyer
A message to the fence

zach52.jpgZach Bussey
Thank God it's Monday!

RoseDsouza2010.jpgRose D'Souza
Talking to people at Queen and Spadina

bob52.jpgBob Dunkin
A word with a lawyer

Amal Gaal52.jpgAmal Ga'al
The African women revolution

nnnaomi-52.jpgNaomi Ikonomou
Doing business during the G20

Fred-52.jpgFred Luk
Bad for business

paulmanley.jpgPaul Manley
Protesters, police and civil rights

carmen52.jpgCarmen Millet
Resident info guide

heather52.jpgHeather Morrisson
Will you get through the security zone?

scenequeenspadina.jpgEva Nikitova
Trapped at work

takumo52.jpgTakumo Yamada
A sobering look at aid