No rental bonanza

Several homeowners in downtown Toronto are asking for several hundreds of dollars in daily rent for their apartments. (Pras Rajagopalan/CBC)

By Prasanna Rajagopalan, CBC News

pras-52.jpgWould-be landlords in downtown Toronto who were looking to make a killing by renting out their pads to foreign correspondents during the G20 summit appear to be sorely disappointed.

Forums like Kijiji and Craigslist are riddled with entries by people looking to rent their apartments for hundreds of dollars a day - but apparently few are successful in finding a taker.

One woman wrote to me earlier asking if I knew of any forums - aside from the usual classified sites - where incoming journalists may be looking for accommodation.

Shana Cohen, one of my colleagues at CBC Toronto, has also contacted several people trying to rent their dwellings during the summit. Only one had success - and she was interviewed by both CBCNews.ca and the Toronto Star.

As one dejected respondent put it, after news of the high-priced rentals broke, "everyone who lives anywhere in or near downtown decided to see if they could make a quick buck."

So if you're one of those looking cash in, let me try to save you some time and trouble - don't bother.

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