Film studio turned police centre


By Your Voice team, CBC News

 Across the city from the tightly controlled downtown Toronto security perimeter, police have been busy setting up a facility that will reportedly be used as a temporary detention centre for protesters.

CBC's Ian Kalushner went out to check out the shuttered Toronto Film Studios site and took the following pictures.



Due to security concerns, police wouldn't reveal the purpose of the facility. They only said it will be used as a staging and deployment facility. Above, a police van full of supplies, including dozens of zip ties, which are plastic bands used to restrain protesters.



Large numbers of police were on the site over the weekend as preparations were underway ahead of the G20 Summit on June 26-27.



Police on bicycles enter the property, located at 629 Eastern Ave., east of Carlaw Avenue.



The former Toronto Film Studios has a number of small and mid-sized studios on site.



A police van exits onto Eastern Avenue from the secured premises of the police staging site.

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