Social Networking, Political Style

  Posted in Anu Online Posted by CBC News on April 23, 2009 02:28 PM |

First impression, they talk an awful lot about themselves...

And their tweets are the same!

Okay I get they're both running in elections and want your vote. So you want to hear about them.

But they've missed a very important part of "social" networking.

That would be the "social" part.

It's like when you meet someone new at a party and all they do is talk about themselves. It gets tired fast and you'll likely avoid that person at the next gathering.

It's the same way social networking sites work.
People want to engage in a conversation with you.

But in the case of Carole James and Gordon Campbell, all they want to do is talk at you.

For example, people are commenting on Gordon Campbell's facebook page, but he hasn't responded back!
I realize he's a busy man, but come on! If Obama can do it...he can!

I asked Kris Krug to weigh in on this. He's an online expert and wiz when it comes to social networking sites. He says, the leaders want to be seen as being communicative but they aren't really willing to give up the control required to engage people.

Kris says a better use of the social networking tools would be to gather support around an issue or run a video contest, and ask people what they want you to do in the first one hundred days in office. He says that's the more interesting way to engage people and use the online tools.

This is a reciprocal relationship...it's an agreement you strike up with online users (I'll talk to you and you talk to me). But if the leaders aren't prepared to do that...then they're not keeping their side of the bargain!