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Many of you have probably already seen the political ads on TV and even heard them on radio.
But have you checked out the ones on YouTube?
Right now there are dozens of videos posted on YouTube with some connection to the BC Election campaign.

Most of the videos have been posted by the usual suspects...unions and political parties but even the average Joe is getting in on the action.

Let's start with the union videos first.

COPE 378 calling itself MoveForwardBC on YouTube has posted quite a few videos. One of them is called Wake-Up...it shows, Gordon Campbell snoring through news reports of forestry job losses and Olympic cost overruns among other things. These ads have received some of the most hits so far. It's definitely using humour to get out it's message...and I admit it got a chuckle out of me.

The BC Teachers Federation on the other hand is turning to hard hitting ads to get out it's message on YouTube. But the fact is, the ads are boring and hold little interest. I don't expect people will rush to the polls to vote against the BC Liberals with those online ads.

Now, turning to the individual ads.
They're getting decent views online...one of the more popular video's is a song posted by cliffsyringe. It's a tune about Gordon Campbell and his 2003 drinking and driving conviction in Maui. I admit, it's not a great song...but it gets the point across. And interestingly enough...the drinking and driving conviction is all the talk online, but the NDP and the Greens aren't going anywhere near it! I wonder why? With few things firing people up in this election campaign why not seize on something that has people talking?

Finally there are the ads by the political parties on YouTube.

The BC NDP aren't doing a very good job of using YouTube. To date, the party has posted their TV ads and some clips of Carole James speaking at campaign events. Once again...boring! What happen to provocative advertising?
The BC Liberals are doing slightly better.
They've introduced videos called "Stop the Smear". The ads show Liberal Candidates responding to recent claims by the NDP. In one you see Barry Penner trying to set the record straight about the BC Liberals position on Run of River projects.
Nice idea...but poorly done. The production value is low, remember you need it to look interesting for people to stay long enough to listen.

So will these ads change the way people plan to vote?

Right now, probably not. The YouTube ads aren't strong enough to get people fired up. There isn't one issue any of the parties have been able to get the people of British Columbia talking about. But don't be surprised if the YouTube ads get more nasty and personal as we get closer to election day.

You can check out the videos I'm talking about below.

And if you've got a YouTube video you think I should see, send me an email!


MoveForwardBC - "Wake-Up"
BC Teachers Federation
BCLiberals - "Stop the Smear'