Going Digital

  Posted in Anu Online Posted by CBC News on April 22, 2009 03:59 PM |

If you Twitter you might already know Gordon Campbell and Carole James are twittering their way along the election campaign.

Check out the party websites and you'll see they're both on Facebook and Flikr.
So they've entered the digital age. But is twittering and updating a Facebook page enough for the online world to take you seriously?

Well the BC Liberals have taken this challenge on by introducing the "The Hub Tour".
It's a digital bus that's traveling around the province, promoting the BC Liberals and their platform.
They want supporters to become digital activists!

I caught up with Maz Artang in Burnaby. He's 21 years old and is the Tour Director of "The Hub Tour".

Maz says the point of the bus is to get people at rallies and BC Liberal events to sign up for Twitter and Facebook.
And in turn encouraging those people to send messages to their followers and friends to vote Liberal on May 12th.
Voila! Digital activists!

It's obvious the goal of "The Hub Tour" is to engage young voters in the political process.
While I was out visiting the Digital Bus, I only saw one person get on to check it out. What do you think that says about its effectiveness?

Now the BC NDP are trying out something new as well. They've introduced the "Home Team". It allows any supporter who has a phone and a computer to volunteer for the campaign virtually. No going into a campaign office anymore. Instead you decide what time commitment you'd like to make and then make calls to constituents on the NDP's behalf. Simple idea and probably a great way to get volunteers out.

Both political parties are trying to engage voters...but is there more to running an effective online campaign than having the latest gizmos?

I'll delve into that next time!

But in the meantime, what do you think?