2012 Year in Review Quiz

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  1. The Calgary Zoo started 2012 by launching a new exhibit with which animals?
    1. Pandas
    2. Penguins
    3. Polar Bears
    4. Pygmy pythons
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  2. Which Alberta political party's bus made the Jay Leno Show during the provincial election?
    1. Progressive Conservative
    2. Wildrose
    3. New Democrats
    4. Liberal
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  3. A missing Alberta couple survived three days alone in British Columbia backcountry in April. What is the name of Jacob and Anja Oosterwijk's hometown?
    1. Medicine Hat
    2. Fort Macleod
    3. Lethbridge
    4. Okotoks
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  4. Which iconic Calgary landmark was placed in storage after it was displaced by C-Train expansion plans?
    1. Hart House
    2. Eamon's Camp sign and gas station
    3. Calgary Science Centre's 11 Street SW Discover Dome
    4. The original Westbrook Mall sign
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  5. A Lethbridge girl became an internet darling when she made her grad dress out of what material?
    1. Corn husks
    2. Math homework
    3. Lego
    4. Instagram photos
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  6. Central Alberta residents were shocked in June when 3,000 barrels of light sour crude spilled. The oil flowed into which reservoir?
    1. Gleniffer
    2. St. Mary
    3. Spray Lakes
    4. Berry Hill
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  7. A Michigan police officer wrote a pro-gun letter to a Calgary newspaper after a confrontation during his visit to this Calgary location:
    1. 17th Avenue
    2. Nose Hill Park
    3. Calgary Stampede
    4. A shopping mall parking lot
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  8. Which music star came out of retirement to perform during the Calgary Stampede's 100th Anniversary?
    1. Tim McGraw
    2. Garth Brooks
    3. Leonard Cohen
    4. Reba McEntire
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  9. Approximately how many products were recalled following the Brooks meat packing plant E.coli scare?
    1. 18
    2. 180
    3. 1,800
    4. 18,000
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  10. Which song did more than 1,000 Calgarians lip dub in downtown Calgary for Culture Days?
    1. Sweet City Woman by The Stampeders
    2. I Will Follow You into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie
    3. Land of Shining Mountains by Ian Tyson
    4. Calgary by Bon Iver
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  11. Which Toronto hotel initially refused to allow the Calgary Stampeders horse in the lobby?
    1. The Ritz-Carlton Toronto
    2. Fairmont Royal York Hotel
    3. The Four Seasons Hotel Toronto
    4. The Super 8 Toronto
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  12. A Calgary man found the contents of his missing Canada Post parcel on eBay. What was inside?
    1. A first edition Lord of the Rings trilogy book set
    2. 1930s original Lionel trains
    3. A set of gold kitchen utensils
    4. Records from a French reggae group
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