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Where are they now? Most heartwarming stories of 2012

Posted: December 21, 2012

The most memorable news of the year is often good news. Here are some of our favourite feel good Calgary stories from 2012.

Vote for your favourite and we'll update the story with the latest on how the subjects of the story are doing.

Christmas wedding wish

A former homeless couple got their ultimate Christmas wish of getting married. Thanks to generous donations from Calgarians and the Drop-In Centre, Dolly Sutherland and her longtime partner Mark Witter were able to tie the knot.

Story: Former homeless couple get their Christmas wedding wish

Teen's 'homework' dress goes viral

Lethbridge student Kara Koskowich built her graduation dress out of an unusual material - her math homework. CBC did a story about the dress and Koskowich went on to be featured internationally by CNN, England's Daily Mail and BuzzFeed.

Story: Homework dress wows at Lethbridge grad

Car wash helps working poor

Bubbles Car Wash was honoured this year not for the quality of their work, but for who they hire. The husband and wife team that run the local business hire 75 per cent of their staff from social agencies and are pay them a living wage.

Story: Car wash honoured for hiring practices

Missing couple returns after 3 days

A southern Alberta couple who had been missing for three days in B.C.'s Elk Valley area were found after they managed to make a very broken radio transmission to RCMP.

Story: Alberta couple rescued after 3 days in B.C. backcountry

Homeless woman returns $10K

A Calgary woman who's living at the downtown YWCA turned in a lost purse with more than $10,000 inside.

Story: Woman living in Calgary shelter returns lost $10K

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