CBC Business and Rights

Once CBC’s expressed an interest in your pitch, the business side of production begins. Here, we’ll explore the business processes that will help you take your concept from pitch to production. For this business journey, the Business & Rights team at CBC is your partner.  And if you haven’t yet pitched, and just want to learn how we do business and support the creation of independent Canadian content, you’ve come to the right place!

The Business & Rights (“B&R”) team at CBC is here to help you build the business framework that will support your production and inform the distribution of your program once it’s complete. We work closely with you and the CBC creative executive assigned to your program. Not only do we answer the burning questions producers have about money and rights, we are your key business contact throughout the production life-cycle.

Our team values our relationship with the independent producers with whom we work and aims to foster positive and respectful relationships through all our interactions.

We look forward to working with you!