• Joanna Chang

    Joanna Chang

    characters | Nov 1, 2018
    Joanna Chang is trying to balance being a mother with taking on a new case that threatens the future of Millwood.


    characters | Nov 1, 2018
    Ever since the birth of his daughter, Billy Crawford’s life has been out-of-control. He has the usual challenges of a new baby, plus Joanna’s legal case that has divided Millwood.


    characters | Nov 1, 2018
    Luna is currently in her second year of law school in Winnipeg, where she is, unsurprisingly, a top student and a member of Law Review.
  • Owen Beckbie

    Owen Beckbie

    characters | Nov 1, 2018
    In his role as the Police Chief in Millwood, Owen Beckbie is now facing the challenge of navigating a relationship with the new owners of the Oro North mine.
  • Taylor Matheson

    Taylor Matheson

    characters | Nov 1, 2018
    After having graduated from the Police College at the top of her class, Taylor has accepted a job offer from her mentor Police Chief Owen Beckbie to join the Millwood Police Force.
  • Stevie Nichols

    Stevie Nichols

    characters | Jan 19, 2021
    Stevie Nichols is a law student in Winnipeg and a volunteer at the North End Legal Centre.
  • Nevin Page

    Nevin Page

    characters | Jan 19, 2021
    Nevin Page is a senior partner at Waldercott, one of the city’s largest law firms.
  • Kip Bellegarde

    Kip Bellegarde

    characters | Jan 19, 2021
    Kip Bellegarde is a seventeen-year-old Saulteux teen from Millwood, whose father was killed by Millwood Police Officer, Sam Mercer.