About the series

With her personal and professional partnerships with Billy Crawford suffering growing pains, Joanna Chang steps in to help an old friend whose children were apprehended by Millwood Family Services. Joanna struggles to reunite a family, navigating the complicated world of child protection services. Back in Millwood on the second anniversary of her father’s violent murder, Joanna discovers that grief is more complicated than she expected and that it may be standing
in her way of her relationship with Billy. Her return to Millwood once again awakens the ghosts of her past, but this time she might finally be able to get rid of them for good.

As Season 3 begins, JOANNA CHANG and BILLY CRAWFORD are finally a couple. They’re also a boutique law firm - Crawford Chang. They’re partners in law and partners in life, but right now, their romantic relationship seems as tenuous as their financially strained firm. It’s not that Joanna and Billy aren’t in love — they are, but both have one foot in and one foot ready to bolt. Falling in love is frightening. Love makes you vulnerable, and for both Billy and Joanna, vulnerability is terrifying. They’re together, but they’re not all in. Any good lawyer knows that you always need to have an exit clause.

What’s also scary is that their law firm, hyped as Winnipeg’s newest legal powerhouse, is flailing. They’ve invested a lot of time and resources on a big case and they come up empty. It’s a huge financial blow and it might be fatal. Joanna is a great lawyer, but she doesn’t know much about running a business and she is definitely not a great boss. She’s hard to read and thrifty with praise. When things aren’t done perfectly, she gets irritated and usually ends up doing
everything herself. Being a named partner is about people management and Joanna doesn’t do people. Billy is more of a push-over. He’s the nice guy - praising sloppy work and letting people go early even when there’s work to do. Either way, the result is the same – Billy and Joanna do most of the work and their bottom line is suffering, big time.

Whether it’s Billy & Joanna or Crawford Chang, one thing is certain - this isn’t working.