Soldiers' Names

List of interviewees for the 10 part series

This is a list of all the soldiers whose voices are heard in one or more episode of The Bugle and the Passing Bell. The names are given here as they are printed in the transcripts of Flanders Fields, the 17 hour series aired in 1964 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, the series on which The Bugle and the Passing Bell is based. In many cases The Flanders Fields transcripts give a man's battalion but in no case is there a regimental service number.

You can find the full transcripts for Flanders Fields and a complete listing of the men interviewed including battalion names here in PDF and MS Word formats.

If you recognize any of the names on this list or if you think any of the men might be a relation of yours, please use the contact form and get in touch with the show.

NOTE; Many of the men whose voices were heard fifty years ago on the series Flanders Fields do not appear in The Bugle and the Passing Bell. If you are wondering if a relation or friend was one of those men you are also welcome to get in touch with the show.

A P. Ackerley
Tommy Adams
C.J. Albon
Mel Alexander
H.R. Alley
T.V. Anderson
Vic Armstrong
F.C. Arnold
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B F.B. Bagshaw
G.E. Bain
R.G. Barclay
S.M. Bayles
James Baxter
A.B. Beddoe
George Bell
Irvine J. Bickerton
Arthur Bonner
S.R. Bowe
J.H. Bowyer
H.G. Brewer
G. Broderick
Archie Brown
Charles Brown
Bob Brown
James Bryant
C.B. Bryden
Harry K. Burchard
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C R.H. Camp
R.L. Christopherson
J.I. Chambers
Gregory Clark
J.A. Clark
H.R.H. Clyne
Raymond Collishaw
F.C Cox
Seargant Candy
T.G. Caunt
N. Chard
R.L. Christopherson
E.N. Copping
H.S. Cooper
Sid Cox
F.F. Crooks
M.J. Cunningham
A.W. Curtis
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D N.G. Dean
W.P. Dodds
M.H.A. Drury
W.A. Dunlop
J. Dwan
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E Oscar Erickson
George Eyles
Jack Eyre
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F A. Farmer
L.R. Fennel
W. Ferguson
R. Ferrie
Fred Fish
A.H. Fisher
R.G. Flemons
J. N. Fryday
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G B.C. Gardner
C.M. Geale
Victor Gianelli
T. Goodall
A.B. Goodmurphy
E.R. Grange
Elliot Greene
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H R.F. Haig
George Hancox
J.L. Hart
S. Hempill
H.G. Hetherington
D.C. Higgins
C.B. Holmes
W.J. Home
P.P. Hutchison
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J Frank Jamieson
A.G. Jacobs
Alec Jack
C.J. Johnson
J. Jeffery
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K C.P. Keeler
Rev. G. Kilpatrick
A.W.W. Kyle
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L W.S. Latta
F.G. Layton
Robert Leckie
H.H. Logan
C.E. Longstaffe
Victor Lewis
R.J. Leach
J.H. Lee
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M J.O. Mackie
W.H.S. Macklin
F. Maiden
H.A. Marlow
D.M. Marshall
D.C. McArthur
J. McCorry
C.M. McEwen
F. McGregor
J.F. McKay
J.K. McKay
G. McKnight
D.W. McLeod
Jack Mclaren
Donald McLaren
A. McMillan
R. McLaughlin
A.M. McLennan
A.G.L. McNaughton
J.M. MacDonnell
D.R. MacKay
A.W. Mackenzie
W.S.M. MacTier
Guy Mills
D.H.C. Mason
Robert Mitchell
T.S. Morrisey
Howard Morry
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N L.R. Nagle
N. Nicholson
H. Niven
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O E.J. Owens
D.M. Ormond
V.W. Odlum
H.F. O'Connell
Joe O'Neil
Doug Oliver
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P James Page
E.B. Panet
George Patrick
L.F. Pearce
A.G. Pearson
Elmore Philpott
W.C.H. Pinkham
Jack Pinson
M.A. Pope
C.B. Price
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R R.S. Robertson
Alex Ross
J.W. Ross
E. Russenholt
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S W.G. Soltau
Eric Seaman
Harry Secord
M.A. Seymour
H.L. Sheppard
T.T. Shields
Ian Sinclair
G.H. Simpson
Gus Sivertz
D.D. Spencer
C. Scriven
Lester Stevens
G.R. Stevens
Charles Stevens
G. Scott
Louis Scott
Stewart Scott
T.T. Shields
Sid Smith
H. Snape
W.C. Sterling
J. Sprostin
C. Swanson
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T O.J. Thomas
M.H. Timms
R.S. Timmis
A. Turner
Harris Turner
G.W. Twigg
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W J.A. Warren
George Williams
R. Wilson
P. Withell
F.F. Worthington
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Y N.M. Young
F.G. Young
Ed Youngman
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