Poems by episode

1. "Canada answers the call"

The poems in this episode were the Canadian soldier's poem Goodbye Ma, goodbye Pa and excerpts from The Send-Off by Wilfred Owen and They by Siegfried Sassoon. Both these men were British and both fought in the first world war. Siegfried Sassoon was wounded and Wilfred Owen was killed in action in November 1918 exactly one week before the war ended.

2. "The great adventure".

Excerpts from two poems by a German soldier, Walter Heymann; Trench post and field watch and Rider, Death and the Devil. Walter Heymann died in 1915. The poems are part of a collection of German war poetry published by David Roberts. They were were translated by Peter Appelbaum. Walter Heymann was a German Jew and a large anthology of German-Jewish war poetry is currently being prepared by Peter Appelbaum and James Scott.  Some extracts will be included in Peter Appelbaum's upcoming book Loyal Sons. For more details see; War Poetry UK

3. "Baptism of fire"

Excerpts from Dulce et decorum est by Wilfred Owen and poems by Dr. J.A. McDonald of Toronto and Canon Frederick Scott of Montreal. Canon Scott was chaplain to the Canadian First Division where he became famous for his exceptional courage. Two of his sons were killed in the war.

4. "A world of stealth"

The poem was an excerpt from "Strange Meeting" by British poet Wilfred Owen who was killed in action in 1918.

5. "Siege warfare and Newfoundland's day of the dead"

"Two Canadian memorials" by Rudyard Kipling and "The General" by Siegfried Sassoon.

6."Stalemate and slaughter; the battles of the Somme"

Excerpt from; "On the idle hill of summer" by British poet A.E. Housman.  (this is the first line of the poem, which apparently has no formal title).

Excerpt from "Dead man's dump" by British poet Isaac Rosenberg who was killed in battle at the Somme

Excerpt from "The dead" by British poet Rupert Brooke who went to the war with the British Mediterranean Expeditionary force and died of an infection in a French hospital ship.

Red Cross poem - first line; "Look where the hell of steel..."

Excerpts from German poems - translated by Peter Appelbaum - "The brothers" by Leo Sternberg (1876-1937) "Corpses in the Priester woods" by Ernst Toller (1893-1939) and "To a missing friend" by a man Peter Appelbaum only knows by his surname - Goldfeld - who was killed during the war.

7. "The war in the air"

Two poems written by Canadian prisoners of war;

"Truthful Teddie" and "The ballad of Freiburg jail"

8. "Highs and lows; Vimy ridge and Passchendaele"

Canadian patriotic poem "The shirker" and excerpts from "The great war" by British poet Vernon Scannell  (1922-2007)

9. "Turning the tide"

"In Flanders Fields" by John McCrae  (1872-1918)

Excerpts from "To my children" by German poet/soldier Emmanuel Saul  (1876-1915)

10. "Pushing on to victory"

Excerpts from "Does it matter?" by Siegfried Sassoon  (1886-1967)

Excerpts (adapted) from "The man he killed" by Thomas Hardy  (1840-1928)