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Newborn moose survives car crash that killed mother

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for NEWWEB-breakaway-logo.jpgIt's a bit of a roadkill miracle: A moose fawn survived a car crash in the Saguenay that killed its mother. The accident happened Sunday when the newborn was expelled by the impact of the accident. Elias spoke with Jonquière moose specialist Claude Dussault about the situation and what to do if you encounter a baby moose at this time of year.  Listen here

New gelato business in a very old house

O'Gelato Et Cacao.jpgA new gelato and chocolate shop has opened in a very old home in La Baie, in the Saguenay.  Built in 1845, the two-storey cabin once belonged to a founding family of the region.  The owners of O'Gelato & Cacao have worked hard to maintain the historic look and integrity of the structure, all the while filling it with sweets from the region and abroad.  Our Rachelle Solomon met co-owner Caroline Giroux to talk about the history and the future of the site. 
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CQSB fights for Engligh-school rights for army francophones

The Central Quebec School Board says it's time to fight for the people who fight for Canada. The CQSB is hoping to mobilize opposition to the Parti Québécois government's plan to strip francophone military families of the right to send their children to English schools, a right that was guaranteed by René Lévesque's PQ government in the original Bill 101. If the section of Bill 14 in question goes through, the board says it means the loss of some 700 students and the inevitable closure of schools. Stephen Burke, Chairman of the CQSB, joined Jacquie with the details. 

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Public information sessions are planned for next week. There is also a petition opposing the proposed changes to Bill 14.