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Marika Wheeler: June 2012 Archives

Domaine Forget: a musical gem in the Charlevoix

For those who want to escape the crowds, heat and noise of urban music festivals, there's a world of jazz, dance and classical music at the Domaine Forget.  A sprawling, pastoral estate nestled on a hillside overlooking the St-Lawrence with world renown.  Marika Wheeler visits on the eve of the Festival International du Domaine Forget.
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Jellyfish at the Quebec Aquarium's new pavilion

Jellyfish frighten a lot of people with their tentacles adn stinging power, but a new exhibit at the Quebec Aquarium is hoping to wow people's fears away.  Marika Wheeler watched jellyfish pulse and float in tall tanks with the director of animal collections, Jill Marvin.  Here is part of their conversation. 

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New Cirque du Soleil show coming to Quebec City

Marika Wheeler caught up with former gymnast and diver turned aerial hoop artist for the Cirque du Soleil.
Hear her chat with Marie-Michelle Faber about her role in the New Cirque show- Amaluna.
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