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Lower North Shore: July 2011 Archives

Hundreds Come Home to Blanc Sablon

Letemplier, Lavallée, Walsh and Letto are just some of the proud names flying high on banners in a first time village reunion in Blanc Sablon. We caught up with the celebrations as one very loud parade was making its way through town...
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Blanc Sablon's Come Home Year

A rare reunion, two years in the making, begins tomorrow in Quebec's easternmost community. It's a first for the Lower North Shore village and Rick Letemplier of Blanc Sablon joined us with more on this special event...
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Iceberg activity on Quebec's Lower North Shore

The icebergs are big and plentiful this summer, off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. That got us thiking about the Strait of Belle Isle and the Lower North Shore. Sure enough, Garland Nadeau was able to tell us about some of the iceberg sightings from St-Paul's River:
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