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Les Duchesses

La Revengeance des duchesses

20140123_111611 (1).jpgCarnaval de Quebec brought back the duchesses for this year's festival, but there's a group in the city that revived their own version of the tradition five years ago.  La Revengeance des duchesses is a nod to the duchesses of the past, in a colourful, zany and creative competition.  Our Rachelle Solomon spoke with Caroline Décoste, duchess of Saint-Jean Baptiste 2012, and Sophie Martineau, this year's revengeance duchess for Limoilou. 

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Carnaval Queen 1975 Carole Théberge

20140121_113711.jpgOver the past few months on Breakaway, we've been talking about Carnaval de Quebec bringing back the duchesses for its 60th anniversary.  Until 1996, the organization selected seven women to represent the winter carnival.  Our Rachelle Solomon spoke with Carole Théberge, duchess for Lévis in 1975, crowned queen of that year's Carnaval, about her experience and about reviving the tradition. 

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Carnaval de Quebec brings back duchesses

20131211_103222.jpgIn 1996, Quebec City's winter carnival ended the long tradition of having duchesses - young women who acted as ambassadors for the festival. As Carnaval marks its 60th anniversary in 2014, organizers have decided to bring the duchesses back. Our Rachelle Solomon spoke with Jean Pelletier, Executive Director of Carnaval, and with Dominique Jobin, the newly appointed Duchess of Charlesbourg [pictured].

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