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Jasey-Jay Anderson's gold-medal defense

20140126_155817.jpgJasey-Jay Anderson is Canada's most decorated snowboarder, and in the four years since he won gold in Vancouver, he's been designing and testing his own snowboards.  His parents, Micheline and Jay Anderson [pictured], spoke to Jacquie about how their son, now 38 and a father of two who runs a blueberry farm with his wife, is still intensely passionate about the sport. 

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Ken Hall on Mont Tremblant's 75th

20140127_114918.jpgIn 1939, a Philadelphia millionaire named Joe Ryan opened Canada's first chairlift on Mont Tremblant.  The year before, in 1938, the Hall family from Montreal built a chalet on the lake, and a young Kenny Hall skied every chance he got.  Today, retired, Ken Hall is still on the slopes.  He spoke with Jacquie about what this mountain's 75th means to him.  

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Raising a superstar skier: Ellen and Conrad Guay

BWY_Guay.jpgOn Mont Tremblant, the Guays are legendary. Conrad Guay is a coach's coach and Ellen Guay is a veteran ski instructor. In fact, the two met on skis forty years ago, and raised three sons. Son Erik has won every medal imaginable in the world of Super G and downhill -- all but an Olympic medal. Jacquie spoke to his parents about the early years, overcoming injury, perseverance, and about a mountain that takes great pride in this family of champions.

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