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Julia Page

Riding over rough waters

parachute.JPGFor a professional athlete, suffering from a serious injury can mean the end of your career. But it doesn't mean setting aside your dreams. Genevi√®ve Hall√© was training to become a professional snowboarder in Whistler, British Colombia, in the early 2000s. At 22 years old, she was on the path to a promising career. But a bad fall coming out of a trick at the 2001 US Open broke her two vertebrae, and she was paralyzed from the waist down. The CBC's Julia Page brings us her incredible story of recovery, ambition and courage.

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Running for council in the Townships

Thumbnail image for GladysBruun.jpgFor every election, the province's Chief Electoral Officer puts a lot of effort into getting people to vote - especially when it comes to municipal elections, where turnout is lowest. But what encourages residents of small towns to run for council? Julia Page met with outgoing, incumbent, and would-be mayors, and they shared why they're willing to devote their time and energy to their town. We heard from candidates in Waterville and North Hatley.
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Ireland invites descendants to The Gathering

During the month of March, communities across Quebec come together to celebrate their Irish heritage. Eire is inviting Canadians to come celebrate on the Green Island all year-long, for an event called "The Gathering." CBC's Julia Page tells us more about this year-long event being held for Canadians whose ancestors left Ireland centuries ago.
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