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Julia Caron

Young virtuosos at Canadian Music Competition

CMCjorge.JPGThe sounds of classical guitars, violins, cellos, pianos are filling the halls of Laval University, as young musicians from around the world compete in the Canadian Music Competition. Our Julia Caron introduces us to a handful of the virtuosos who showcased their talents: Jorge Andres Orjuela on the guitar, Guang Lu Li on the violin, Solina Lee on the cello, and Rébecca Marois on the piano. Listen here.

Captain Cook's Quebec Connection

From Quebec City, to Rhode Island, to the Pacific Rim. Captain James Cook's ship the Endeavor took him all around the world, but few people know how important a role his time in Quebec City played in his lifetime achievements. Kathy Abbass, the director and Founder of Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project, is one of the over 1,100 researchers in town for the SHA 2014 conference. She told our Julia Caron more about Captain Cook's Quebec Connection.
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Holiday events across Quebec

DSCF7309.JPGIf there's anything that makes this time of year magical, it's the snow and the lights and the decorations, and the open-air Christmas markets. Over the next few weeks, throughout the province, the senses will be stirred, with local products and crafts and community. Julia Caron takes us on a whirlwind tour of three enchanting corners of Quebec: the German Christmas Market in Quebec City, le Marché de Noël in Sutton, and Noël en Gaspésie events in New Richmond.
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