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Antiques at l'Isle-aux-Coudres

isle aux coudres .jpgBrad and Shirley Myers are among the few anglophones living year-round on L'Isle-aux-Coudres in the Charlevoix. They operate an antique shop on the island.

Peter Black dropped in and took a tour, getting a close look at some of the marvelous collectibles the couple has brought together over the years. 

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Isle-aux-Coudres' island doctor

Although he won't talk politics, Dr. Marcel Ethier is the kind of family doctor being talked about so much in the current provincial election campaign. Dr. Ethier is the only doctor on Isle-aux-Coudres, with about 1,200 patients relying on his services. Sometimes the good doctor even arrives on horseback! The CBC's Peter Black met with Dr. Ethier and his horses, Patouf and Maggie.
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Touring the mills on Isle-aux-Coudres

Today was the official ribbon-cutting ceremony on Isle-aux-Coudres for the half-million dollar project to repair and restore the 176 year-old windmill on the island. The last time it worked was back in 1999. This weekend, the CBC's Peter Black visited the Économusée de la meunerie and toured both the windmill and the watermill with guide Jean Castro.

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