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Lithium mining in Quebec

The construction of North America's only lithium mine is well underway 60 km outside of Val-d'Or. Before it begins production on April 1st of this year, Quebec's Travelling Journalist Marika Wheeler went to visit to help us understand more about this soft, silver-white metal that will be mined and transformed in the province of Quebec. She sat down with Quebec Lithium's Vice President of Exploration, Mitchell Lavery. We also meet Jean-Francois Magnan, who works for Nemaksa Lithium in the James Bay area.
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La Motte welcoming media as papal watch continues

The village of La Motte, in the Abitibi, is buzzing with activity as the eyes of the world are on one of their own, Cardinal Marc Ouellet. He is one of the 115 Cardinals who make up the papal conclave to help choose a new pope. Media from all over the world have gathered at the village's church, including the CBC. Jacquie spoke with the CBC's Ioanna Roumeliotis who was in La Motte a few weeks ago and is back there again, seeing Ouellet's community and meeting his family. 
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Better services in English at Rouyn Hospital

Anglophones in Rouyn-Noranda say health care information is too important to lose in translation, so they want access to services in English. The Health and Social Services centre has made an effort to do better by creating a "Volet Langue Anglaise," and now other regions are looking to them for tips. Quebec's Travelling Journalist Marika Wheeler joined Jacquie in studio with that story.
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