Z is for Zamboni

This children's book by Matt Napier is illustrated by Melanie Rose.

Matt Napier, illustrated by Melanie Rose

(Sleeping Bear Press)

In the mold of our very popular series of state alphabet books, we offer Z is for Zamboni to hockey fans young and old across North America. Matt Napier's "breakaway" rhymes and "hard-checking" expository text team up with the "top-shelf" illustrations of Melanie Rose to elucidate this increasingly popular game for every beginning hockey aficionado. Highlighting rules, players, coaches, teams, and the history of the game, it is both fun and educational. (From Sleeping Bear Press)

From the book

A is for Arena.

The game is played in here,

a building where the fans all gather

to clap and boo and cheer.

An arena is a large area where people gather to attend sporting events, concerts or shows. Because hockey needs a large sheet of ice to be played, all early hockey arenas were outdoor rinks and games could only be played when the weather was cold enough to keep the ice frozen. As people experimented with different ways to make ice, and keep it frozen indoors, it became more and more common to see indoor hockey arenas.

A can also be for the All-Star game. This game is held once a year and showcases the best and most talented players the National Hockey League (NHL) has to offer. The fans often pick the team starters, and the location of the game rotates between cities in North America.

From Z is for Zamboni: A Hockey Alphabet. Text by Matt Napier ©2003. Illustratation by Melanie Rose ©2003. Published by Sleeping Bear Press.