You Won't Always Be This Sad

You Won’t Always Be This Sad is a memoir by Sheree Fitch.

Sheree Fitch

"You won't always be this sad," her mother, who also lost a son, reassures her, while a close friend encourages her to pick up the pen and write it all down. Capturing her own struggles as she emerges from shock in the wake of her son's unexpected death at age 37, author and storyteller Sheree Fitch writes lyrically and unabashedly, with deep sorrow, unexpected rage, and boundless love. She discovers that she "dwells in a thin place now," that she has crossed a threshold only to find herself in "the quicksand that is grief." The result is a memoir in verse of immense power and pain, a collection of moments, and a journey of resilience.

Divided into three parts, like the memorial labyrinth Fitch walks every day, You Won't Always Be This Sad offers words that will stir the heart, inviting readers on a raw and personal odyssey through excruciating loss, astonishing gratitude, and a return to a different world with new insights, rituals, faith and hope. Readers, bearing witness to the immeasurable depths of a mother's love, will be forever changed. (From Nimbus Publishing Limited)

Sheree Fitch is an iconic Canadian children's book author. You Won't Always Be This Sad is her first memoir.

Interviews with Sheree Fitch

Beloved children's author Sheree Fitch takes us inside her grief at the death of her son ... and offers a way out for people dealing with their own loss. 11:01
"You Won't Always be this Sad" was written after the author's son Dustin died at the age of 37. 26:08


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