Wisdom in Nonsense

Award-winning author Heather O’Neill's memoir, Wisdom in Nonsense, recounts the unconventional wisdom she picked up from her father and his unusual group of friends.

Heather O’Neill

With generosity and wry humour, novelist Heather O'Neill recalls several key lessons she learned in childhood from her father: memories and stories about how crime does pay, why one should never keep a diary, and that it is good to beware of clowns, among other things.

Her father and his eccentric friends — ex-bank robbers and homeless men — taught her that everything she did was important, a belief that she has carried through her life. O'Neill's intimate recollections make Wisdom in Nonsense the perfect companion to her widely praised debut novel, Lullabies for Little Criminals. (From HarperCollins/The university of Alberta Press)


Novelist Heather O'Neill on her book "Wisdom in Nonsense," about how her father's offbeat advice helped shape her as a writer. 16:20

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