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Why Juno-nominated jazz musician Andy Milne isn't a fan of conformity, both in music and literature

The lead for the jazz ensemble Andy Milne & Dapp Theory thinks the memoir Good Things Happen Slowly by American musician Fred Hersch is a great read.
Andy Milne is a jazz pianist from Hamilton, Ont. (Penguin Random House, Andy Milne)

It's Juno Awards time again! The annual celebration of outstanding achievements in Canadian music airs live from London, Ont. on Sunday, March 17, 2019 on CBC Television, CBC Radio and CBC Music.

CBC Books asked some of the 2019 nominees to share their favourite books. 

Andy Milne is a Hamilton, Ont.-born jazz pianist and composer. He's the accomplished lead for the band Dapp Theory, a jazz ensemble that blends jazz, funk and spoken word. Their album The Seasons of Being is up for the Juno Award for jazz album of the year — group. 

Milne recommends reading the book Good Things Happen Slowly by American jazz pianist Fred Hersch. 

"I'm not a huge pleasure reader, nor a fan of conformity. That said, I recently read Good Things Happen Slowly: A Life In and Out of Jazz by Fred Hersch who is a good friend and colleague. He chronicles a wonderfully rich period of jazz history and social change through his career and experiences."

Watch Andy Milne & Dapp Theory perform the song Three-way Mirror

Andy Milne's comments have been edited for length and clarity.


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