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Why Jean Vanier's Becoming Human is an important read to Juno Awards 2018 nominee Daniel Taylor

The Juno-nominated countertenor on the book he loved reading.

'That we are in the midst of a spiritual crisis today is understood.'

Daniel Taylor is a Canadian countertenor. ( of Anansi Press)

The annual Juno Awards celebrate outstanding achievements in Canadian music. The 2018 Juno Awards will air live from Vancouver on March 25, 2018 on CBC TelevisionCBC Radio and

CBC Books asked nominees to share their favourite books. Daniel Taylor is a Canadian countertenor and early music specialist. Taylor and the Trinity Choir are nominated in classical album of the year: vocal or choral category for the album The Tree of Life.

He chose Becoming Human by Jean Vanier as a book he enjoyed reading. 

"In this profound work, Jean Vanier offers his deeply human vision for creating a community that honours the importance of equality and honours the principle of acting with a common good. It questions our way of being and asks each of us to consider if we are pushing away those that we view as being mentally or physically weak instead of embracing them. Vanier reveals that our collective failure has resulted in levels of inequality that take away the possibility of enjoying a life of dignity.

"That we are in the midst of a spiritual crisis today is understood. There are those in front of us working to divide us, those who embrace the politics of doubt instead of hope. Vanier's work reminds us of the consequences of power and greed and insists that we can choose choose a better and more compassionate society."

Daniel Taylor's comments have been edited and condensed.


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