Why Alan Doyle's memoir Where I Belong struck a chord with Trent McClellan

"When one can read a book and laugh out loud, then you know the words therein have struck a pure comedic chord," says the comedian.
Trent McClellan is a stand-up comedian from Corner Brook, Nfld. ( Canada)

July 1, 2017 marks 150 years since Confederation in Canada. CBC Books is creating the great Canadian reading list — a list of 150 books curated by you.  

Comedian Trent McClellan chose Where I Belong by Alan Doyle.

"When I can find a nostalgic and comedic trip through my homeland of Newfoundland, I take it!

"I've always been interested in the early lives of the those who create and Where I Belong gave me a hilariously entertaining look at Alan Doyle's childhood exploits. Long before Alan became the frontman of Great Big Sea, he enjoyed a great big childhood which is where he learned to play in every sense of the word. When one can read a book and laugh out loud, then you know the words therein have struck a pure comedic chord. I must have told dozens of people about this book with no reservations. Where I Belong had muster points for my own childhood, plus it gave me access to Alan's early love of music and the role it played in his life. The luckiest of us find what energizes our lives and hold onto it for dear life, while trusting we will surely end up right where we belong."

Trent McClellan has performed at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, Winnipeg Comedy Festival, St. John's Exit Realty Comedy Fest, the Moncton Hup Cap Comedy Festival, the Edmonton Comedy Festival and YYC Calgary Comedy Festival. He successfully defended February by Lisa Moore on Canada Reads 2013


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