Who Took My Sister?

Mi’kmaq writer Shannon Webb-Campbell’s Who Took My Sister? is a collection of poems and letters.

Shannon Webb-Campbell

Joining a host of important contemporary voices such as Gregory Scofield, Liz Howard and Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Mi'kmaq writer Shannon Webb-Campbell's Who Took My Sister? is a collection of poems and letters written to the many members of her community that hold and carry trauma; they are a choir and a haunting testament.

Falling somewhere between Indigenous wisdom and contemporary poetic strategies Who Took My Sister? creates a space where readers are brought face to face with Mother Earth, Grandfather Sky, waterways, ancestors who give voice to the land, extreme national genocide and Indigenous women whose lives are cut short by the colonial agenda. Laced with piercing provocative awareness, cutting truths and the reality of oppression, Who Took My Sister? is a decolonial orchestra and a rallying cry in the wilderness of our tumultuous times. (From BookThug

Who Took My Sister? by Shannon Webb-Campbell is available in March 2018.