When We Were Alone

This story by David A. Robertson is illustrated by Julie Flett and won the Governor General's Literary Award for young people's literature — illustrated books.

David A. Robertson, illustrated by Julie Flett

(Portage & Main Press)

When a young girl helps tend to her grandmother's garden, she begins to notice things about her grandmother that make her curious. Why does her grandmother have long braided hair and wear beautifully coloured clothing?

Why does she speak another language and spend so much time with her family? As she asks her grandmother about these things, she is told about life in a residential school a long time ago, where everything was taken away. When We Were Alone is a story about a difficult time in history and, ultimately, a story of empowerment and strength. (From Portage and Main Press)

Author interviews

The Winnipeg graphic novelist on his children's book about residential school, illustrated by Julie Flett. 5:21

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Local child and elder, reading When we Were Alone aloud, in the roles of the granddaughter and her nókom for Winnipeg's TD Kids Book Club 2017. 1:35

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