What We Give

What We Give is a book by Terry Salman.

Terry Salman

Two grey hands, arms outstretched, lock wrists across the black book cover. Underneath the arms, the yellow text "What We Give" appears on the bottom-right.

What makes a soldier? What makes a business mind? What makes a philanthropist? In this rich memoir, Canadian icon of mining finance and public service Terry Salman reflects on his remarkable life, offering inspiration and mentorship for others seeking to build their own legacies.

Salman traces his journey from his modest beginnings in Montreal as the son of a Turkish immigrant father and Quebec-born mother, to the traumas of the Vietnam War, to his rise up the Canadian business world, and the growing dedication to service that earned him the Order of Canada.

He recounts the moments that shaped him: the brotherhood of the U.S. Marines and the lifelong duty of loyalty and community they instilled in him; the traumas he endured as a young sergeant in Vietnam; his return to Canada and the mentors who helped guide his success; and his many roles in helping others. (From Raincoast Books)

Born in Montreal, Terry Salman is the president and CEO of Salman Capital, Chair Emeritus of the Vancouver Public Library Foundation and Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Singapore. A former marine and now a philanthropist, he received the Order of Canada in 2020 and the Public Service Star from the Office of the President of Singapore in 2021.