What the Kite Saw

A picture book by Anne Laurel Carter, illustrated by Akin Duzakin.

Anne Laurel Carter, illustrated by Akin Duzakin

War has turned a boy's life upside down. Soldiers have taken his father and brother away. And everyone must stay inside as tanks search the parks where his friends used to play. The boy hears shouts and gunshots and catches sight of someone running in the street — if only they could fly away, he thinks. Each day the curfew is lifted briefly, and the boy goes to the park to see his friends. One day, inspired by the wind in the trees, he has an idea. If they all flew kites from their rooftops — imagine what those kites might see … A stunning collaboration between award-winning, world-class picture book creators, What the Kite Saw is both haunting and hopeful. (From Groundwood Books)

Anne Laurel Carter is a Canadian author with eighteen published books, mostly for young adults and children. 

Akin Düzakin is a Turkish-Norwegian illustrator and children's author.

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