What the Eagle Sees

Nonfiction for younger readers by Eldon Yellowhorn.

Eldon Yellowhorn & Kathy Lowinger

What do people do when their civilization is invaded? Indigenous people have been faced with disease, war, broken promises, and forced assimilation. Despite crushing losses and insurmountable challenges, they formed new nations from the remnants of old ones, they adopted new ideas and built on them, they fought back, and they kept their cultures alive. 

When the only possible "victory" was survival, they survived. 

In this brilliant follow up to Turtle Island, esteemed academic Eldon Yellowhorn and award-winning author Kathy Lowinger team up again, this time to tell the stories of what Indigenous people did when invaders arrived on their homelands. What the Eagle Sees shares accounts of the people, places, and events that have mattered in Indigenous history from a vastly under-represented perspective—an Indigenous viewpoint. (From Annick Press)

What the Eagle Sees is for readers aged 11 and up.

Yellowhorn is an academic and author from the Peigan Indian Reserve (Piikani Nation). Yellowhorn explores the mythology and folklore of his Indigenous ancestors and in how the past informs the present in his books.

From the book

If we listen, every bird and animal has a story to tell us. Of all the birds and animals, Eagle tells the most important story of all: the story of life.

Eagle flies over everything, so he sees everything: he sees daylight and darkness, summer and winter, dry land and water, snowy mountains and cool valleys. He sees beauty and ugliness, war and peace. He soars so high that he is the go-between between humans and the Chief of the Sky World.

Eagle has the gift of flight and a freedom that we humans can only dream of. Maybe that's why we tell so many stories about him, stories in which Eagle is the king of birds, or a chief who talks with humans, or a sage advisor whose insights teach us life lessons.

From What the Eagle Sees by Eldon Yellowhorn and Kathy Lowinger ©2019. Published Annick Press.

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