What I Remember, What I Know

What I Remember, What I Know is a book by Larry Audlaluk.

Larry Audlaluk

Larry Audlaluk has seen incredible changes in his lifetime. Born in northern Quebec, he relocated with his family to the High Arctic in the early 1950s. They were promised a land of plenty. They discovered an inhospitable polar desert.

Sharing memories both painful and joyous, Larry takes the reader on a journey to the Arctic as his family struggles to survive and new communities are formed. By turns heart-wrenching and humorous. Larry tells of his journey through relocation, illness, residential schooling, and the encroachment of southern culture. (From Inhabit Media)

What I Remember, What I Know is available in May 2020.

Audlaluk is a community leader for Grise Fiord and for the High Arctic. What I Remember, What I Know is his first book.