What Hurts Going Down

What Hurts Going Down is a poetry collection by novelist Nancy Lee.

Nancy Lee

A searing exploration of girlhood in the pre- and post- #MeToo eras from the acclaimed novelist.

What keeps a kind girl alive in the wild? The men in town
are crapshoots, sawbucks, coins striking heads and tails.

Nancy Lee's searing collection of poems confronts how socially ingrained violence and sexual power dynamics distort and dislocate girlhood, womanhood, and relationships. Startling and visceral, the poems in What Hurts Going Down deconstruct a lifetime of survival, hover in the uneasy territory of pre- and post- #MeToo, and scrutinize the changing wagers of being female. (From McClelland & Stewart)

Nancy Lee's first book, Dead Girls, won the 2003 VanCity Book Prize for best book pertaining to women's issues. She is also the author of the novel The Age.

Interviews with Nancy Lee

Vancouver writer Nancy Lee on her debut poetry collection What Hurts Going Down.


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