We Three

We Three is a young adult novel by Markus Harwood-Jones.

Markus Harwood-Jones

Jasbina "Jassie" Dhillon is at summer performance camp to address concerns of her parents and teachers over her struggles at school and her lack of close friends. To Jasbina's surprise, she quickly makes two new friends, Ams and Sydney. The problem is that the pair can't seem to stand each other, and Jassie realizes she's got romantic feelings for both of them.

Just as Jassie is worried she may need to choose one over the other, Ams and Syd start to get along — but a little bit too well. It seems like Jassie may have missed her chance at both love and friendship, since Ams and Syd only seem to have eyes for each other. Jassie is upset until Ams and Syd tell Jassie they want to be with her too.

The three spend their time at camp working out their relationship in the face of the misunderstandings, assumptions and envy of counsellors and fellow campers alike. As camp gets close to ending, Syd proposes that the three of them run away from camp together. Ams feels the only solution is for the three of them to just end their relationship. Jassie, heartbroken and hurt, realizes she needs to find the courage to convince her partners that their love can survive in the real world. (From James Lorimer & Company Ltd.)

We Three is for readers aged 13 and up.

We Three is available in Sept. 2019.

Markus Harwood-Jones is a writer, artist and filmmaker based in Toronto. His other teen romances include Just Julian and Romeo for Real.

From the book

The family car kicks up dust as it goes back down the gravel road. I'm left standing next to Mom's big floral suitcase and Dad's duffle bag, wondering what I am supposed to do next. There's a handful of grown-ups in baggy orange T-shirts calling out names, trying to get campers to line up in single-file rows. All around, kids are already talking to each other. They're laughing, some of them hugging. I'm sure no one makes friends that fast. I guess a lot of them met last. Expectations summer or the summer before. I shudder at the idea of being ditched here by my parents year after year.

From We Three by Markus Harwood-Jones ©2018. Published by James Lorimer & Company Ltd.



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