Russell Wangersky's psychological thriller is about a supermarket janitor who collects abandoned grocery shopping lists.

Russell Wangersky

How much do you think about your grocery lists? Walt, a supermarket janitor with a solitary life, a misanthropic manner and hyper-observant tendencies, thinks about them a whole lot. He's got hundreds of them at home, and he's fixated on piecing together the lives they're part of — especially when they belong to women who live alone. And when those women start going missing in St. John's, Walt's lists may reveal more than the police can uncover.

Wangersky, a newspaper columnist by day, uses his years as a courtroom reporter to tell the story of someone who's "of interest" to the police, even if they don't quite know why. 

From the book

I try to read between the lines on a list, and sometimes I just want to go and see how close I am to actually getting it right — I mean, I draw them up in my head right down to the colour of their hair, their size, their shape, their mannerisms. What they like to wear. How many people live in the house. It's half game, half hobby. Maybe even a little bit of compulsion.

From Walt by Russell Wangersky ©2014. Published by House of Anansi Press.


Russell Wangersky is a well know newspaper columnist in Newfoundland and Labrador. He was nominated for the Giller Prize and won the Thomas Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award for his novel "Whirl Away". His non fiction book "Burning Down the House Fighting F

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